Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Picture Frame Jewelry Display

I remember the first time I discovered Pinterest. I was searching for a way to store my earrings online and a Pinterest option was the first search result. You see I had been storing my earrings using  regular jewelry display case and a foam from a shipping package. And yes you read that correctly, a FOAM!!
I wanted something more, much more
I fell in love with the idea of hanging your jewelry and vowed to use an old picture frame to create my own.
      Two, yes TWO years later, it is finally done.  You might be wondering what took so long. Well in between my lack of commitment to a specific frame and our move, it didn't make the top of the list of projects. Meanwhile, still using my foam board and hating every minute of it.

I used an old frame spray painted white and framing wire we have laying around and staples.
In a previous post, I mentioned the scrap fabric I found at JoAnn's. I used some to give new life to old pillows and now using the rest to add character to the frame. Our bedroom walls are dark gray, this brings some color into the space without overwhelming the hubster.
Why oh why did I wait so long. Getting dressed is so much easier now.



Monday, December 1, 2014

$5 Thrift Challenge

This was a fun challenge that a friend asked me to do after seeing all her favorite YouTubers doing the same. We didn't set any hard deadlines on ourselves, therefore, no pressure.

I didn't go looking for anything specific. Actually, the day I went, I stopped at the store because I was tired of seating in traffic and happened to be on the exit that lead to the thrift store.

After five minutes of browsing, I found what I knew I could use without having to make any changes. Unfortunately, my friend wasn't able to get her items, so I can't show what she purchase. Here is what I found and how I used them.

I added some flowers and scented votive and voilà! Instant tablescape.

Fall Decor

Seasonally decoration has never been my thing. I just decorate based on how I feel. I don't like my furniture staying in the same position for too long because I get bored. DH would leave to run an errand with the house looking one way and come back to furniture changed. In our early days of marriage, it used to bother him, but he is used to it.

Now that our kids are at the age of having full knowledge of the seasons, they are very interested in us decorating as the seasons change.  I draw the line with Halloween decorations because that is not something I'm in to. I did let them carve pumpkins, (if that's Halloween).

Lately, I'm into recycling containers for other uses. I've used my Talenti ice cream containers for my homemade lotions, and there are many uses for Mason jars. When my favorite grocery store had Starbucks Frappuccino on sale, I bought a bunch for DH. I didn't want all those bottles going to waste, so I used them as my part of my fall décor.
These supplies, and flowers from our farmers market made it possible.
I also updated my worn out cushions with scrapped fabric. I started out using the heat on bonding, but with toddlers, that didn't last long. I ended up sewing the pillow cases. I LOVE how they turned out and I can always change them out with new cases (using scrap material of course).
The last thing I did for fall is take on a $5 thrift challenge from a friend. See what I found here.