Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wine Rack

Lately, I've started drinking more wine. I can't call myself a wine drinker since I can't have less than half a glass at one time. I especially LOVE Chocolate wine. Unfortunately, after I finished my first bottle given to me by a friend, I found out that it was more of a seasonally wine.

To wait out the year, I started trying different wines. I also have lot more friends that drink wine, which means I have a little stash with no "place" to store them.  I knew that I wanted something made out of our pallet collection to hold the bottles.

About three weeks ago, we went to our local home improvement second hand store for a sale they were having. We were there to look for some wood that DH needed, and see a demonstration of Anne Sloan paints. I decided to take a quick peak into one of the used furniture stores in front of it. As soon as I walked in, I saw this beauty.

I knew I had to have it. Impulse buying is not something I typically do, but this I couldn't pass up. Made it even more worth it when the manager gave me a discount, SCORE!!

Giving this baby new life was easy. The black with hint of red is too dark for our space, so I opt to spray paint it silver.

Took almost a whole can to cover up the black, but it was worth it. I like the end result.

EXCEPT, the space benighted is boring. Something had to go there to beautify it.  See my next post on what DH did with this pallet.