Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to happenings....Hard Wood Floors

Thank you for stopping by. This blog is created to capture things that we are/will do to our 1952 cape cod home. Eventually, we will combine our food blog with this one and just have one to update. We bought this "small" house a year and a half ago, and went straight into making it a functioning home for us.

My first impression of our house was, "oh my gosh, that carpet has got to go". Typically reaction of most home buyers, but really, the carpet had to go. My DS has mild asthma so we didn't want a house full of carpets.

We kept our old place while I rip up the carpet. My first experience ripping carpet. Would I want to do it again? I would shout NO at the top of my lungs. It was painful, but being a frugalister, I endured on. 

Removing nails

This makes me want to cry, but I took all of them out. One at a time

What the floor looked like after. Carpet in the back

Space between floor and base board after carpet was removed

Filled in with Great Stuff to prevent draft from coming in

Adding toe shoe
As you can see, the floors were sanded and stained by a professional. Removing the carpet is the biggest job I have taken on by myself, so far. I have no regrets at all.